Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Victoria...and beyond!!

So, there were some doubters. Hell, I even doubted myself. Could I really bring my bike all the way to Victoria, alternating between cycling and lugging it onto public transit? Some said it would be impossible and others said it was no problem. I didn't know what to believe and after four days of staying quite comfortably with friends in Vancouver, I was dreading the nasty surprises that naturally arise when you travel. Thank God I was given a break this time.

I'm happy to report that the route on Vancouver's bus and light rail system to the Tsawwassen ferry about 40 minutes outside the city was easy. The 35 km bike ride from the Swartz Bay terminal on Vancouver Island to Victoria was a dream! The Lochside regional route, as it's called, alternated between a side path along the main highway, then went through farmlands and forests and then winds right into downtown Victoria. I saw a few pumpkin patches and wineries along the way. Everyone I passed, smiled and nodded and I got to pretend that that's what I always do. The only tricky part was finding downtown Victoria when I neared the city. But it was only mildly perplexing in the where's-this-road-going, oh-that-works-out kind of way. I'm so encouraged by this ride I'm ready to tackle the 55 km ride to Sooke tomorrow, a town outside Victoria. There's not much to see in Vic anyway after my nighttime walk tonight. The wax museum of British monarchs looks kitschy, but I don't know how much fun it's going to be to chuckle all by myself. Maybe this is all training for my eventual bike ride across Canada (NOT!).

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