Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lessons learned, resolutions made

In no particular order:
  • Don't eat that sandwich.
  • Riding across the prairies is hypnotic. Your eye naturally drifts up to the vanishing point and follows it until you realize that you've seen nothing between the horizon and the window for hours. Maybe even days.
  • Baby carrots seem like the ideal train ride snack. They are not. They ferment within hours and turn into bitter little pickles that you are only slightly tempted to eat anyway.
  • Don't watch your mid-section while riding a jostling train at top speed. Will only make you depressed.
  • No women wear high heels on the west coast.
  • Don't swear in small towns.
  • Bring your laptop.
  • When you say "camp" in Alberta, everyone thinks you spent a summer cooking for oil rig workers. You must specify "summer camp," unless you actually did spend a summer cooking for oil rig workers.
  • Make more money so you are never forced to stay at a hostel again.
  • Bring your laptop.
  • Public libraries are the best invention ever.
  • Black pants are the second best invention ever.
  • Writing down every single thought you have for a month makes you incredibly protective of your journal. Like, 12-year-old-girl protective.
  • I'm so f-ing tired of people complaining about how unfriendly Toronto is. When will the rest of Canada suck it up? When can I stop nodding sympathetically to their woe-be-gone tales of someone not saying "hi" on the street?
  • Bring your laptop.


  1. Holy crap that sandwich looks suspect! Even I wouldn't eat it and I eat everything. Welcome back Laura!


  2. Oh I ate that sandwich! I was desperate and hungry in a Jasper gas station and was informed by a taxi cab driver that these were the best sandwiches in town. I now feel sorry for that town.

    I must come by and support your new business!